Targeted relief solutions are needed that lift people from crisis, keep their homes warm, ensure their families are fed and healthy.

Many people in Newfoundland and Labrador are struggling to survive soaring food costs, skyrocketing housing costs, gas prices through the roof, and a Liberal government carbon tax on top of all their other taxes and fees.

We have seniors sharing medication, or cutting their pills in half, because they can’t afford the cost of the medicines they need. Many seniors are living below the poverty line, too poor to stay healthy.

Leadership demands action.


  • I will order a complete review of all taxes and fees, cutting or adjusting those that are hurting people.
  • The carbon tax must go, and I will lead the charge to end it for good.
  • The sugar tax will be eliminated.
  • I will continue the provincial gas tax relief.
  • I will order a complete review of the Income Support Program and an evaluation of all programs and services intended to support vulnerable populations to ensure they deliver.
  • Seniors benefit programs will be indexed to inflation.
  • I will lead the implementation of a new poverty reduction strategy.

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