If we are to achieve a vision of a healthy and prosperous Newfoundland and Labrador, we must build a strong, diverse, and united PC Party that is focused on winning the next provincial election.

We have the foundation of a great energized and diversified team – a strong caucus who are committed to the people of our province, and a campaign team made up of people new to politics, politically experienced, liberals who are disillusioned, and young people who are eager to make a contribution.  This is about energizing the PC Party to lead our Province, and I have already started to get to work on making that happen.


My strong emphasis lies on building a great team. I continue to make connections with prospective candidates of all backgrounds. I want to attract minority candidates and women. I want to attract volunteers from every community and background.



  • I will support a strong network of District Associations that will ensure we target every provincial seat
  • I will ensure the lines of communication are strengthened in all directions
  • I will bring new youth on board as soon as they are of age so they can have greater input to their own future
  • I will look to modernize and digitalize the party processes
  • I will give priority to our fundraising strategy to replace debt with a healthy election war chest
  • I will look to build partnerships with likeminded parties across Canada so we can bring strong representation to issues and concerns at a Federal level.