With the right plan, our provincial economy will grow and prosper. Without that plan, right now we are left lurching.

Governments do not create jobs. Governments create opportunities. That is the kind of government I will lead.


Doing things right really matters. Strong economic growth will stimulate population growth, so critical for our future. Opportunity and resource development will bring back Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, attract immigrants for the long term, and give our children a real choice to stay here for good.


Leadership demands action.



  • A government I lead will chart a more dynamic path to growth that reforms public policy – from lower taxes and fees to modernized service delivery and reduced red tape.
  • A government I lead will fulfill its role to lower the barriers that block the paths of opportunities so our private sector can fulfill its role as the true generator of jobs and growth in this province.
  • I will raise the bar in future negotiations on resource issues, ensuring the principal beneficiary of our resources will always be the People of our province.
  • My local benefits policy will ensure the people who live here and set down roots here will receive maximum spin-offs from development projects, including jobs and contracts.
  • I will insist on bringing decision making closer to home by demanding joint management of the fisheries and all other ocean industries.
  • I will not abandon our oil and gas industry.  As long as people remain reliant on petroleum for fuel and the manufacture of thousands of essential products, Newfoundland and Labrador has the opportunity and the obligation to meet the need with ethical oil extracted in the most environmentally responsible manner here at home.
  • I will make air access a priority by offering competitive incentives to national and international airlines to open up new, stable and affordable routes to drive tourism and trade throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

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