Every student must be ensured a path to personal success – from access to childcare to K-to-12 and postsecondary.

Sadly today, too many children are not getting the support they need and too many teachers are struggling without the support they require.


While $10-per-day childcare is more affordable, there is a shortage of Early Childhood Educators and access to childcare spaces.


All aspects of our education system are being driven into the same kind of crisis that is devastating our health care system.


As I have been traveling the province, I have heard of times when schools have been closed, not because of bad weather, but because there are no teachers available. How did we get to this place?


Our education system was reformed on the principle of inclusiveness. But how is this so when so many are left behind!


If we are to build a solid, unshakable foundation for this province, our education system must be a priority: in grounding all students in the fundamentals, in better understanding emerging industries, in keeping pace with technology, in moving toward a green economy, and in so much more.


Leadership demands action.



  • Early Childhood Educator recruitment and retention initiatives and training opportunities will be enhanced to better meet the enormous unmet demand for childcare spaces for our province’s children.
  • Teacher recruitment and retention will be my immediate priorities and that means listening.
  • Educational options must be available, affordable, and accessible to students of all regions.
  • For students graduating here, a government I lead will make it more affordable for them to stay here.
  • Through our support for teachers, the K-to-12 system will become more nimble and responsive to the ever-changing needs of students.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador students will receive the necessary skills in the fundamentals of math, science, reading and computer science.
  • Our students will also be prepared to succeed and lead in the emerging advanced technology economy.

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