Wakeham Announces Affordability Plan

Wakeham Announces Affordability Plan

PC Leadership Candidate, Tony Wakeham has announced his Affordability Plan to address the rising cost of living.

St. John’s, NL (June 28, 2023)

Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Tony Wakeham (MHA, Stephenville – Port au Port) has announced his Affordability Plan to address one of the most pressing challenges facing Newfoundlanders and Labradorians today – the shockingly high and rising cost of living.

“People are suffering. Many are struggling to survive soaring food costs, skyrocketing housing costs, gas prices through the roof and a carbon tax that’s just about to get worse. Many seniors are living below the poverty line, too poor to afford their medicine or healthy food,” said Wakeham.

Wakeham’s multi-element plan will include targeted tax relief in the immediate term, plus a comprehensive review of tax policy to bring back fairness, balance and affordability while taking a knife to regulatory fees and taxes that are doing more harm than good.

“When people are struggling like this, it is the government’s role to step in with immediate relief where it is most needed – smart solutions that will lift people from crisis and ensure they can meet their needs – and also with core solutions that will get at the heart of the problem,” outlined Wakeham.

His strategy will also focus on the most vulnerable through measures to help seniors, income support recipients and families struggling to escape the chains of poverty for good. Wakeham will also lead a national campaign to halt the carbon tax – a misguided Liberal policy that is harming people by driving inflation and interest rates skyward at a time when people can least afford the impact.

“Around the province, people are telling me the two things they most worry about are access to health care and the high cost of living. They are looking for a leader with a solid plan to get a grip on the challenges that matter to them. That’s why I am now stepping up with my plan to fix what’s broken and change public policy, so it serves the best interests of the people of this province for a change.”

A backgrounder outlining Wakeham’s affordability plan can be found here.